Eco-Friendly Designs

pinktoilet.jpgI have to thank Design Milk for pointing out this waterless toilet from Envirolet.

The Envirolet Waterless Composting Toilet System is installed with a composting unit below it.  Besides being able to choose from several color choices, you can also select from non-electric, 12V battery, 12V/120V Hybrid or 120V models.

This is a great solution for people who have little fishing holes or mountain hide-aways they visit that might not have plumbing or power.

Another blog I should thank is Blinkdecor’s Renovator’s Roundtable Blog.  This blog shares eco-friendly ideas and inspirations.  They recently featured a bamboo vessel sink by Modern Vessel.  This contemporary take on a traditional classic is available in a natural finish as well as fun, festive colors.

bamboo.jpg  bamboocolor.jpg

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