Coolest Product at HD Boutique – Symmons Signature Design Series

SDS2Symmons Industries, the Braintree, MA-based manufacturer of commercial and residential plumbing products, demonstrated its “Design Studio Live,” a process that allows  designers to quickly and easily craft unique bath fittings for any project.

Design Studio Live gives Symmons the capabilities to come to a designer’s office and create a unique, custom-designed bath fittings that create an individual style and an ideal bath experience for the customer with the Signature Design Series (SDS) Software.

SDS has the uncommon ability to create unique designs at reasonable costs thanks to several factors. To begin with, Symmons’ design process is quick and efficient. Specialized software allows Symmons

designers to turn an initial concept into a 3-D prototype in as little as four days. Since the program is based on open source coding, designers can take any faucet off the Symmons website and ask to see it with modifications, giving SDS a starting point that will reduce the overall design time and lower the associated design costs.

SDSThis program has had great success with Hotel and Multi-Family clients where unique design builds equity. For example, it enhances the showering experience in hotels which is a top priority for guests and it makes condominiums more memorable which is key to sales.

I watched as they made a 3-D prototype right there on the show floor and being able to feel how a faucet will feel in my hands removes all doubt of how a CAD drawing will translate into the actual item.

Since Symmons does not charge for the design services or the prototype, a designer can “wow” his or her client by presenting the prototype model at the Concept Presentation.

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