Green Websites Worth Checking Out


There are some exceptional websites popping up everyday on the web and today I want to share a few that focus on eco-friendly ideas and materials.

Get with Green provides informative news and information on green, eco-friendly, and sustainable products for the home remodeling project.  I really enjoyed their recent post on Sonoma Cast Stone, a leading concrete countertop fabricator.  Read part one of the two part series here.

K+BB Green is written by Jeff Holloway to share ideas and experiences about eco-friendly design.  His latest post is about the challenges of implementing the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Rating System. Check it out.

The Green Guide for Kids is just like the name states. It’s a wonderful resource for kids find ideas and inspiration for going green. There are many activity ideas for children.


2 Replies to “Green Websites Worth Checking Out”

  1. Thanks for the spiff about KBB Green. Credit goes to our editor, Jennifer Brite. She is knocking it out of the park and I’m lucky to be part of it.

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