Washing Dishes the Green Way

We all know that washing dishes in a dishwasher uses less water then hand-washing but if you rinse your dishes first you are wasting your water savings.  Follow this tip and the ones below to wash the Green way.

◊ Only run full loads – not partial or half loads.

◊ Never use the “Rinse and Hold” feature.

◊ Always load the dishes in the dishwasher facing the water jets.

◊ Don’t use detergent tablets.  They contain too much soap, which is taxing on the environment.

◊ Wash big pots and pans by hand allowing more room in the dishwasher for smaller items.

◊ Make sure the spray arm is not blocked.  If you are not sure, spin it with your hand.

◊ Always run the kitchen faucet until hot water comes from the tap before you start your dishwasher.

◊Air dry your dishes instead of using the heating element.

Check out this link to The Green Guide for a survey on eco-friendly dishwashing soaps.


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