Get the Most Life out of your CFL

4 thoughts on “Get the Most Life out of your CFL”

  1. A better conclusion for the application of CFL lamps would be; If this light is turned on and only used for 30min or less, you should use an incandescent lamp.

  2. my experience with CFL is BAD. they do not last as long as what they claim…6k hr? I have open them up and did some trouble shooting. Out of 10 that failed, 8 are due to elctronics component. Unfortunately, I did not ( do not know how ) further trouble shoot which component ( transistor, capacitor, diodes,inductor?). Switching on & off at different length of time or interval should not affect the life of electronic components. I suggest whoever ( may be the manufacturer) that study the life of these CFL should find out what is the root cause of failure ( which electronic component or the tube itself) before commenting what is the effect of switching interval to the life of these CFL.

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