Beautiful Graphic Tile

These days Interior Design is all about self-expression.  Dominic Crinson has something for just about everyone.  This London-based company creates ceramic floor and wall tiles in bold designs and vivid colors.  There are more than 200 designs online and each design has matching wallpaper.         

Design Idea

I thought it would be nice to share some of the clever ideas that can be used when designing kitchens with awkward areas.  This photo from House Beautiful shows serving trays nestled in a small corner.  Other options for a space like this include small shelves for a rolling pin, rolling cloth and biscuit cutters … Continue reading Design Idea

Feng Shui is the Child of Vasstu Shastra

Some Feng Shui practitioners believe the Chinese science of harmonious home living was adapted from India’s Vaastu Shastra, a book of architecture written in Sanskrit in the 10th century AD and practiced by the Vedic civilization. The principles of Vaastu harness the power of the Earth in addition to other surrounding celestial bodies to bring health, wealth … Continue reading Feng Shui is the Child of Vasstu Shastra

Hermes Bathtub

Want a luxurious bathroom?  You’ll need this Environmental Hermes Leather bathtub from THG Paris.  This sensual update of the classic free-standing tub features horses and tack in luxurious leather befitting the Hermes name. A matching pedestal sink is also available.

Nike Hockey Vacuum

It seems that people are really trying to make cleaning fun.  I couldn’t resist this follow-up post to the ride on vacuum that I wrote about earlier.  This concept is from Jaewon Yang of Fountain Studio.  The idea is to use the Hockey stick broom to steer the dust and dirt into the goal which is a stationary … Continue reading Nike Hockey Vacuum