Corian Turns 40

Dupont, the manufacturer of Corian, has marked the composite material’s 40th birthday by commissioning 40 multinational designers to create an original, functional ‘objet d’art’ for the table or desktop that reflects their imaginative vision and demonstrates the endless possibilities of Corian.




Below is an exerpt from the Dupont press release:

Corian®: 40 Years – 40 Designers” demonstrates – in microcosm – the virtually limitless possibilities of Corian® in both practical and aesthetic terms. The material has the ability to be almost anything… playful… businesslike… soothing… glamorous… ethereal…and at the same time, a simplicity and sensuousness that give it universal appeal. A truly multi-cultural material, Corian® is used in numerous different environments, in many countries across the world, which is reflected in the international nature of the 40 designers and in the diversity of the exhibited pieces. While objects had to have a specific function, they range from practical stacking trays to elegant centrepieces to quirky desk accessories such as puzzles and “worry stones”.

2 Replies to “Corian Turns 40”

  1. My FAVORITE countertop material. I have Corian in my own kitchen and it looks like new after almost 18 years of daily use.
    I especially love my integrated sink.
    It is sooo easy to maintain.
    I’m sure Dupont celebrates a birthday for one or another of its products every day…But Happy Birthday Corian!
    Now…If they would just figure out how to make it “green”.

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