Bathroom Lighting Tips

Bright Ideas For the Bathroom

If your bathroom is dark or the lighting is unflattering, follow these tips from the American Lighting Association.

Bathroom Lighting Tips| KitchAnn Style

  1. Shower Power. Shower lights should be bright enough to help avoid spills while making shaving and shampooing easier. Shower lights also help an enclosed stall feel bigger.
  2. Tub Tips. Tubs, like showers need good general light, which can be provided by a recessed fixture. To avoid glare, aim the light’s beam at the outside edge of the tub.
  3. Night Light. A night light can be created by illuminating the floor in the toe-space below vanities with a linear light system.
  4. Mirror Mirror. A single sconce. Set at eye level, should be located on each side of the mirror to provide even facial illumination necessary for eliminating dark circles and shadows. Look for fixtures that light downward, allowing heat to dissipate more easily from the socket and creating longer bulb life.
  5. Vanity Fair. Adding a recessed halogen light over a vanity provides cross illumination, when used in conjunction with wall sconces, filling in gaps. Layering light is also beneficial in reducing glare.
  6. Table Topper. Table lamps add a soft personal touch to bathrooms. Remember to place them away from water sources
  7. Potty Panache. Focused flood or halogen fixtures over the commode provide good light for water closet reading.
  8. Get Glowing. Bulb selection is as important as choosing and placing the right fixture. Colored and coated bulbs enhance facial features. Avoid clear bulbs and fixtures with exposed bulbs.
  9. Twice as Nice. As we age we need more light to see well. By 55 years old, people need twice as much light to see as well as they did when they were 20.
  10. In Control. Don’t be afraid of having too much light. You can easily install dimmer controls to adjust lighting levels and create moods.

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